Kent & Stowe Garden Life attracts new customers

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

K&S Garden Life Tools - Children with Spade and Hand ToolsThe all new Garden Life range of garden tools launched at Glee has captured the imagination of both the trade and consumers. Garden Life offers consumers the lighter way to garden, making it easier to garden for longer.

Research carried out by Crest Garden identified a preference for lighter weight tools among ladies, younger gardeners, people with restricted movement or mobility issues and those who simply prefer a lighter weight tool.

Garden Life is different to other smaller tools on the market which tend to be aimed at children. Natalie Searle, marketing manager said “Garden Life tools are designed and manufactured with the same craftsmanship and quality as the full size Kent & Stowe stainless steel range. However they are up to 40% lighter, perfectly balanced and proportioned making them more comfortable and maneuverable. They also have the reassurance of a full 15 years guarantee”.

Garden Life is attracting a wider consumer audience and is a significant development within the garden tools market.

The new Garden Life range will also give young gardeners, including and especially children, the feel that they are actually doing real gardening rather than playing, as is the feel with most of those tools that are aimed at them, which are often very low quality. I am not entirely against the colors that are being used by those kids tools of other makers; just against the fact that they are, generally, low quality and that they don't give children the same self-esteem when using them as compared to the real tools, even if scaled down somewhat.

Children are the gardening future and future gardeners and they do not want to be fobbed off with tools that just have them plat at gardening; they do want to do gardening and that is something that parents and the industry seem to forget or just not understand.

If we give them proper tools and allow them to get a sense of achievement in gardening they will become hooked and continue with it. To demean them by giving them plastic tools or cheap metal ones that are almost incapable of performing any real task and then saying to them “are you helping Mommy (or Daddy) in the garden” while they realize that they can't actually do anything with the tools will frustrate them and make them give up. They want to be able to turn the soil, plant a seedling, snip a branch off, and such, and with the toys that does not work.

With Kent & Stowe's Garden Life range, on the other hand, proper and quality tools can be given in the hands of young gardeners which they can actually use in the real life setting and which also do not break the bank.

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