Absolut Vodka Salt Shaker – Reuse Recipe

Reuse/Upcycling Recipe

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

AbsolutSaltMainSalt (and pepper) shakers made by upcycling Absolut Vodka bottles of this kind can, in fact, be bought at some outlets online and elsewhere. But, why buy when you can make it yourself?


1 off Absolut Vodka 50ML glass bottle (empty)

Side cutters

Small drill bit (2.5mm) and hand drill


  • wash out bottle thoroughly with soapy water and let dry

  • remove metal collar ring (just below cap on neck of bottle) carefully by means of side cutters

  • using the 2.5mm drill bit and hand drill carefully drill single hole into center of cap. Then, and only then, remove plastic cap insert (seal)

Voila! Done! Now fill with salt and you are ready to go.

Those condiment shakers – salt used one 2.5mm hole in center, pepper four to five 2mm holes – can also be made from other kind of small glass spirit bottles, as found in mini bars, etc.

N.B. In lieu of a drill and drill bit it is possible to make the hole/holes with a small nail and hammer (or even a bradawl) but it may require more in the way of cleaning up of the hole or holes. Thus a drill bit and hand drill, used very slowly, is best.

The picture at the beginning shows, from left to right: bottle with collar ring in place; bottle with collar ring removed; cap with hole and insert (seal) removed.

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