5 Items You Should Be Growing In Your Garden

5 Items You Should Be Growing in Your Garden (Home Ready Home)There is a lot of advice on how to grow various fruits and vegetables in your garden, but not a lot of what you should be actually growing.  I did a recent radio interview and that question came up by the host.  “Mike, what would you recommend someone grow in their garden?” the host asked. 

As always, my recommendation is to first, grow what you like to eat.  You will do a lot better in your garden if you are growing items that you will eventually enjoy consuming.  The host then asked, “Which vegetables would make great additions to someone’s garden if they were looking to grow a lot with just a few plants?”

This was a great question, so I wanted to give my top 5 that I would recommend if you are looking for specific varieties to add that are prolific producers.  As with any “top” list, mine might differ from yours for various reasons, but these five will definitely yield plenty of tasty fruits and veggies.

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