The war on Islamists in North Africa will go on for decades

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The war on Islamists in North Africa will go on for decades said British PM Cameron in a statement after the attack on the gas plant in the Algerian Sahara.

Sure it will. They will make that it will for it gives the authorities the means to oppress the people at home for decades to come.

All that the war against terrorism is is a way to create more and more legislation to oppress law-abiding people in our respective countries, whether the UK, the USA, or others.

All this “war” is about is the oppression of the people at home and for that reason AQ was created by the West, and yes, it was created. In fact, as an organization it does not really exist and never has.

So, think again who benefits from this “war”. At the same time it allows the capitalist neo-colonialists to enter countries to get at the minerals, the oil, or whatever else.

The Iraq war was not about removing Saddam Hussein. It was about access to Iraq's oil, preferably for free, except for the lives of soldiers and civilians in the country.

The only reason why we keep having a war on terrorism is, in the UK especially, to be able, for the government, to keep the “War Powers Act” active under which they can enact illegal laws against gun ownership and the carrying of defensive weapons by civilians.

There was a time, a little over a hundred years ago, where it was not just legal, but required, for a subject of Her Britannic Majesty (yes, Victoria was still on the throne), to keep and maintain a firearm and legal to carry this and use it. It was also legal to carry a club, a cudgel, or such like for one's defense. But, as they say, that is long ago.

Then came the so-called Irish Troubles and the “War Powers Act” and it went downhill ever since and, despite the fact that this act cannot be retained after the cessation of hostilities it is still in force by claiming that we have to act against terrorism.

Once the IRA and others gave up the fight we keep finding new enemies in order to maintain the established status of this act in order to keep the people disarmed and to keep them oppressed.

If our governments, that of the UK, the US, and others, would not get involved in things that do not concern them, and would stop supporting the illegal Zionist entity in Palestine there would be no problem.

That is not to say that there are no morons amongst certain Muslim groups, such as those that wish to impose Shariah Law in the UK and who even have begun patrols of a Muslim Religious Police on the streets of the UK.

However, there is but one other reason, aside from keeping the “War Powers Act” alive in the UK, for any wars in those countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Mali, etc., and that is the fact that the powers-that-be want to get their grubby paws on the minerals in those countries and do not want to have to pay for them.

War is a racket, said Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler, USMC, therefore to hell with war.

© 2013