Greece and Spain are just the beginning

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Greece and Spain are just the beginning, the rest of the EU is going to follow sooner or later, including Germany

Anyone who thinks that the Euro crisis and the crisis in the European Union is going to stop with Greece and Spain better have a contingency plan and a good one at that.

All the austerity measures are not going to help one single bit and in the end they people will revolt and this will, by creeping incrementalism, affect the entire Euro zone.

The system is broken and no amount of austerity and tinkering around with it will fix it. Rather the opposite is the case. All the tinkering and the austerity measures forced upon the people of the countries concerned will, in the end, lead to revolts that will have to either be suppressed by force or will lead to the break up of this so-called Union.

When it was but a free trade area, called the European Economic Community things were fine and good and if it has remained as that then there would be no problems as we have them now.

However, the Germans and the French, ever since the very beginning, were looking to create a Greater Europe, which has always been the aim of the German imperialists (and those of the French) and this was the beginning of the undoing.

While there may be many of the governments of the EU member states that rather wish to create such a Federal Europe, not realizing that the ones who will be in control will be the Germans and, to some degree, the French, with all others playing second or even third fiddle, a great majority of the people in many of the member states want nothing more than to get out of the Euro and out of the EU. But, much like in the UK, they will not be given the free choice of a yes or no vote.

When we see the US administration wading in to the debate, in the UK, as to a referendum on maybe leaving the European Union and Obama and his aides stating that, on no account can that be accepted, we can also see that there is a much greater agenda there as to the EU than what we can see on the surface.

If the UK, or any other EU member state, would get involved in such a manner in the internal affairs of the US they would, and rightly so, be given short shrift by the American authorities but, it would appear, the US administration seems to believe that it has a right to dictate to those of us in Europe.

Unless a miracle happens, and many of us don't really want that to happen, here and in other countries, the Euro Zone and the EU are going to be history in the not so distant future and good riddance to both.

The EU is not the greatest thing that has ever happened to Europe but the opposite rather and the sooner everyone would realize that the better.

© 2013