Green Bottle Stainless Steel Reusable Water Bottle – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

_Stainless_Steel_4d36dc603375d The Green Bottle reusable water bottle originates in the USA – though is manufactured in China – and is distributed by “a fine choice ltd.” of Twickenham and is also available from the company's website.

The bottle that I received for review was my choice of the brushed stainless steel, though it comes in a multitude of colors and in three sizes, 350ml, 600ml, and 750ml.

According to the attached label, while made in China, the Green Bottle is made in a factory adhering to “Fair Labor Agreement” and thus that is already something to be said for this particular bottle, as regards to ethical standards.

The bottle is said to be BPA-free and that here refers to primarily the plastic stopper and the seal, as stainless steel, by its very nature, not requiring a lines, is and should be free of BPA and such like.

BPA-free, as regards to plastics, is rather a stretchable term as it has been found of later that it is not just BPA that is a problem. Other compounds too have, it would appear, the same or similar effects. The question thus arises as to which plastic is, in fact, safe to use, if any.

I had the opportunity to put the bottle to a real good test on Saturday, October 1, 2011 on my travel – by train and on foot – to Loseley Park for the Route to the Future event organized by Trudy Thompson of Bricks & Bread. Unlike so many other bottles that I have tested of stainless steel, with the rather large mouth, the Green Bottle's seal allowed not a single drop of water to escape.

This is, I am sure, due to the way that the stopper is created and to the way the thread of it has been designed.

A very nice and especially good reusable stainless steel water bottle for a very good price. In fact, I do doubt that you will get the same quality for the same price in the form of another bottle.

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