PURE Glass Bottle – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)


“Oh  no!” I hear you all moan already. “Not another reusable bottle review or article.” Well, unfortunately, yes.

While this may be indeed a glass bottle and glass bottles as reusable bottles for tap water and other beverages certainly are not new, this bottle and how it is made to be shatter resistant is, however.

The advantage of glass over anything else, including of stainless steel, is its total taste neutrality. Glass is the only material that I know that is. With even stainless steel, and I do love my stainless Steel H2Onya bottle, you do get a metallic taste which is not a problem but... I'd rather not have a taste, if I can help it.

OK, and now someone might say that paying the best part of US$30 for a reusable glass bottle is a lot and, in a way, I might agree. On the other hand the PURE Glass Bottle is shatter resistant (no, it is not unbreakable) and if one would want to have the ultimate drinking experience on the move with the added advantage of a bottle that is, more than likely, not to break at the slightest knock, then this would be the one to go for.

PURE Glass Bottle combines the purity of glass with a permanent clear protective outer coating that is BPA free, for shatter and impact resistance and the coating is FDA sanctioned for contact with food. Not that I do give much on what the FDA, the government arm of Monsanto, says as regards to anything for one has to always wonder as to who bribed them.

The PURE Glass Bottle is portable, reusable, environmentally friendly and safe to use! The bottles and tops are dishwasher safe and can be used with any beverage you would normally put in a glass. However, I would recommend hand washing the bottle and the tops. It is better for them.

Water-Walter-Picture-Web_sml PURE Glass Bottle was developed by Walt Himelstein, an Environmental Chemist with over 23 years experience in the Environmental Chemistry Industry and a lifelong passion for the environment.

Walt has worked on environmental clean up projects ranging from Superfund toxic sites to monitoring drinking water. His experience spans Environmental Chemistry Laboratory analysis of water and soil samples, management of Environmental Labs utilizing various analytical instruments including organic and inorganic analysis of soils and water for both private firms and government organizations. His work has resulted in clean-up of hundreds of toxic waste sites all across the U.S..

Through it all, Walt is convinced that an environmental problem is best addressed on a personal level. He believes the changes one person makes, combined with others, starts a movement and results in a larger change that spreads across society as a movement to solve a problem. These are the thoughts that led him to creating the PURE GLASS BOTTLE and offer it to you for your daily use.

PURE Glass Bottle is a reusable, impact and shatter resistant, durable, glass bottle. It is coated with a non-toxic material that is FDA CFR 21 sanctioned for contact with food. The clear top of the Traveler bottle is made from an FDA approved material Eastman Tritan™ which is free of BPA’s. The wide mouth opening of both bottles makes them easy to clean and 100% dishwasher safe on the top rack. The wide mouth also makes ice cubes, lemon wedge, tea bags, and other flavorings easy to add. The bottle contains no liner inside, only pure natural glass. You can fill it with any type of drinkable liquid, from apple juice to sports drinks, and water. Adding hot liquids or cold liquids is no problem (as long as you can ‘handle and hold’ them). The bottle will never corrode or have a metallic or plastic taste. The inside of the bottle is 100% glass!

In comparison, metal leaching studies performed by independent labs have shown some stainless steel and aluminum bottles leach compounds such as iron, silicon, aluminum, sodium, and calcium.

Also, stainless steel bottles are made out of various stainless steel grades, some more preferable than others. Aluminum should never, without liner, which often contains BPA, be used with any drink or food as aluminum is a heavy metal and not directly good for you and I and any other mammals for that matter.

Iron leaching from stainless steel would be something that I would no be worried about; iron is good for you, in fact. However, I have found that stainless steel affects the taste of water, giving it, no pun intended, a metallic taste. I(t is for that reason that I prefer glass.

Since the outer coating is non-removable and the bottle doesn’t have a removable sleeve, there are no holes or “viewing slots” for bacteria to grow between the glass bottle and the sleeve. With PURE Glass Bottle, there is no need to remove any outer layer, sleeve or cozy, or be concerned about the bottle slipping out of the cozy.

Since the bottle printing is under the coating you never have to be concerned about the ceramic ink on the logo cracking, chipping or flaking.

The exterior coating of the PURE Glass Bottle creates improved slip-resistance and improved handling, when compared to standard glass containers. Impact resistance is another key product attribute that limits breakage during normal use.

Increased safety is one of the largest benefits in of the PURE Glass Bottle coating. Should the PURE Glass Bottle incur damage, the contents of and within the bottle would be safely contained by the exterior coating for proper disposal. If broken, discontinue use.

At nigh on US$30 per bottle – incl S&H – those bottles, I know, do not come cheap but then again this could be the ultimate bottle as far as taste and leachates are concerned.

Once again, I would like to stress that this bottle is glass and as it is glass it is breakable. The coating makes it shatter resistant but not -proof and thus, if dropped from some height, especially when containing liquid, will break. It will not, however, shatter into thousands of pieces and neither will it leak the liquid. A broken bottle, however, should be discarded and replaced.

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