The magnetic North Pole has moved

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Recently it was announced in the media that an airport in Florida had to close because of the discovery that the magnetic pole had shifted; apparently it affects the planes taking off and landing, probably with regards to compass headings.

Such a magnetic pole shift is worrying, but not so much as to what impact it has on planes. Instead it is the impact this would have on our daily lives, on our food supply, etc.

The way it was put read that the pole itself had moved. Now there is where we have a problem.

Let's look at it from the point of reality... they say the magnetic north pole is moving... no, the Earth is changing its axis tilt is what is happening.

You may be able to tell uneducated people that but anyone who knows where the magnetic north pole actually is situated knows that this cannot work.

The magnetic north pole, in fact, to put it simple, is on a rock of magnetic ore on an island in the northern waters of Canada. The island hardly is going to move now, is it. They try not to scare people too much and state that the magnetic north pole is shifting and most people would just say "oh well"... but in fact it means that the Earth axis must be realigning and that also means that ocean currents will go haywire.

Not so long ago we have been told by the oceanographers that the Atlantic oscillation has, apparently, changed. If this is the case and if this is, more or less, permanent then this is going to have serious implications to the eastern seaboard of the United States and also and especially for the United Kingdom as this would mean that the warm waters of the Gulf Stream are headed into another area.

A polar shift could be very much responsible for this, as could be the wholesale destruction of the Amazon rainforest which, after all, is, a weather kitchen, as one could term it.

This is not going to be funny at all, at all, as the Irish would say. Saying that we are in trouble is somewhat of a serious understatement.

Climate change in itself is serious enough but when it comes combined with the possibility of a polar shift, which means nothing less than a tilting of the Earth axis, then the stakes are going to be much higher still.

We are standing, it would appear, on the very threshold of a complete new era of problems and add to that peak oil and all that jazz and we are going to be looking at a future that is going to be looking more and more like some time in the past.

Things will change and will have to, and that drastically, and we better prepare for this now, this very moment, by transitioning to a life where oil is no longer king and where the old ways are combined with some modern ways to make a new society and a new world. And no, I am not talking about Utopia.

© 2011