Reuse ideas for plastic frozen food bags

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Frozen food bag as hanging basket liner_webI am one of those people who take reuse and all what is related to that to another dimension at times, as regular readers will know, and I do, yes, tend to keep those bags from frozen food.

Being a vegetarian, single, and not being able to shop for fresh vegetables daily or such, I tend to buy them frozen. Alas, they then come in those bags. But waste not want not they are, after being rinsed out, used for all manner of things.

  1. Sandwich bags: Now this is, more or less, a use that should stare everyone straight in the face. They are fairly strong, can be washed out again and again, and thus can be used for much longer than most sandwich bags that you might buy.

  2. Freezer bags: Well, yes, you could even use them for the original purpose, using twist ties to close them before popping them into the freezer.

  3. Durable hanging basket liner: Especially suitable for small to medium size baskets but even then you may need two or three. But, hey, that, they are free and would otherwise end up in the waste stream.

  4. Basically anything you would use a small plastic bag for.

I am sure that the readers, themselves, can come up with a lot more ideas. They are, after all, quite strong “little” plastic bags and have great reuse potential and reusing them can keep them out of the waste stream for longer.

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