Education has a mass production mentality

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

school-1200x800_cToday's educational system has a 150-year-old, assembly line, mass production mentality. It was designed, so to speak, during the industrial revolution and many schools, in fact, were factory schools and many of them existed, in many places, until the end of World War One and even beyond.

The Prussian system of compulsory education, upon which many of the systems today are based, has had but one but one aim, namely to produce slaves for industry. Just enough “knowledge” in reading, writing and numbers that would be necessary, plus a few other things, and in addition to that total obedience to the state and its structure(s).

Young minds are being put into a mold and taught absolutely not to express any critical thoughts and ideas. They will be suppressed, if need with force, and so it has been with physical force in the form of beatings and canings in times gone by and other forms of punishment and it is today simply by other means. He or she who does not conform is ostracized instead of being beaten by the teacher. But the aim is still the same. The other way is by using the “nudge” principle or by means of drugs in that the child is “diagnosed” with having a non-existent mental illness called ADHD or such. The daydreamer is often the brightest mind but he just does not fit in and refuses to conform and hence punished (in time gone by) or drugged (today). Questioning the material presented is not permitted.

In order to learn no one needs to go to the brainwashing institutions called schools. All a child has to learn is to be able to read and write, and deal with numbers, and after that all he or she needs to be encouraged to do is to follow his or her own path in learning. Everyone wants, every child and almost every adult, to learn and learning never stops.

But only with a shift of perspective, we can seriously change the way the world learns.

A child learns from the day that he or she is born and wants to learn and discover the world, but not, necessarily, in the rigid pattern set by the authorities. The powers-that-be are not interested in an educated people but in a people who have been molded and shaped, through the medium of “education”, into obedient slaves. Critical thinking it actively discouraged rather than supported and is being suppressed at all levels and with all possible means.

A truly educated population is a threat to the established order and for that very reason the powers-that-be try to prevent home education, home-schooling and un-schooling as much as possible and in many countries it is actually illegal not to send children to the government schools and failure to do so can lead to fines or imprisonment and losing one's children to the state.

Learning is not equal education and government education does not, necessarily, promote learning. Especially it does not promote independent leaning and critical thinking. The reason for the latter is that that very much gets in the way of the aim of what government education is intended for, and that is the very reason why children and young people are being let down by the system and enter adulthood knowing very little of what is important. In almost all cases all that happens is that the children and young people are being drilled to pass exams and the “knowledge” that is crammed into their brain will not remain there and, largely, is useless for the future anyway.

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