The resurgence of Gross-Deutschland, of the Greater Germany

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Every since the annexation of the German Democratic Republic, which used to be referred to as East Germany, by the Federal Republic of Germany, aka West Germany, the country is re-militarizing at a great speed. It has also changed its “constitution” to allow the armed forces to go into action on foreign soil which, originally, was expressly forbidden.

Being one of the leading countries – in fact one could say the leading country – of the European Union it is looking for new ways to reinvent itself as a military power. Although, it has to be said that it is more its occupational authority that is pushing Germany to be the spearhead of any NATO action against the Russian Federation.

But Germany does not even need help in it ambitions. It is ambitious enough itself, or more precise its government is, to attempt to assume to be the ruler of Europe.

One of its parliamentarians in autumn 2014 suggested that actually the system of political parties and elections should be done away with and a kind of king, appointed, or should that be anointed, by the elite, should be used, and that also for the EU, who then, in turn, would chose and appoint his cabinet from other unelected people.

And close on its heels in autumn of the same year the German Chancellor Merkel was hosting the Russian “dissident” Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who has been expelled from Russia after a jail term for embezzlement, and basically feted him as a “next president of Russia” and when challenged that the Russian people would have something to say about that she retorted that the will of the Russian people be irrelevant in this case.

Democracy, not that we have real democracy anywhere, no longer counts anything and the will of the people is irrelevant, as far as the German elite and the world elite are concerned – and, let's face it, if voting would make any difference they would have made it illegal a long time ago – and all that counts is their ambitions. We, the people, are only pawns and slaves.

The Bundeswehr – the German Armed Forces – are now calling for war preparedness as they must, as they say, be ready for war. This is not what the statutes for the founding of the Bundeswehr ever stated. It was to be a defense force and not one ever geared to “go to war”, to deliver a preemptive strike. But that is what they have in mind now.

Two major world war emanated from German soil and this was to be prevented from happening ever again but now, the way things are going, the new Greater Germany is gearing up to bless the world with yet another conflict that may be started from German soil and even by German troops. This must not allowed to happen.

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