From collar-attached to collarless

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

How often do we toss out a still good, though may be not perfectly good, shirt only because the attached collar of it has frayed, worn thin, or even worn a hole into where it creases? Many of us have done this quite a few times too often I am sure for I certainly have done so.

Originally shirts never had this attached collar and most – if not indeed all – were collarless and collarless has become quite fashionable again. So, why not simply convert? Though this is not about fashion but about reusing or continuing to use really.

The other day I discovered that one of my favorite shirts had seriously frayed at just that crease of the collar and developed a hole there too. Loathing to throw it I wondered as to a conversion to collarless and decided to attempt it.

Slowly and carefully with a sharp pair of tailoring scissors I cut the collar of where it was attached to the collar itself and it worked out very well indeed. Which definitely is a bonus and I had nothing to lose as, had it not worked the shirt would just have gone where it would have gone without the conversion attempt anyway, namely into the trash.

Now, however, it has a lot more life left in it and I hope to be able to wear it for some time to come. I am sure that this will also not be the last of such conversions.

So, next time one of your shirts has gone that way give it a try. You have nothing to lose but you may just gain a shirt that can be worn for some time to come.

© 2016