No right to resist arrest

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

In the US (and elsewhere in the democratic - oh dear - world) citizens have no right to resist arrest by the police or security services. If they do they will be arrested for resisting arrest.

Even if the arrest is arbitrary and for no good reason no one, even, it would appear according to US Supreme Court ruling, has the right to resist such an arrest and if he or she dares to do so the arrest will be carried out with a reason, that of “resisting arrest”.

I am sure that we can all imagine that soon there will be a ruling that we have no tight to resist anything or we will be arrested for resisting and if we resit that we will also be arrested for resisting arrest.

One can but wonder who made up those laws to suit themselves. It is the same when we are told that policing is by consent and that none of us can withdraw the consent, however. Much like the “social contract” which no one had a choice about either and most of us don't even seem to know about it and those that do do not remember signing any contract.

What we need is a change of system, not just a change of government. A system where the people govern themselves.

© 2015