Political parties are obsolete

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Political parties may have once had their place but today they are, basically, all the same in that once they gain power they become corrupt, regardless of what their slogans and purported aims may have been prior to the elections.

Also, when only 36%, for instance, of the electorate go to the games that are called elections and then a little over 50% of those that go vote a party in that is not a majority by a very long shot. 51% of, say those 36%, is maybe 19% of electorate as a whole and cannot be seen as the decision of the majority of the people.

The problem with political parties is also and especially that they divide the people, one from another and put them in matchboxes, so to speak, similar to the way religion does. In addition to that party members who become parliamentarians are always forced to vote as the party decrees, and that is just anything but democratic.

However, despite of political apathy and what I have said before as to parties more and more political parties crawl out of the woodwork in a variety of political shades but neither old or new benefit anyone for, as soon as they get a foot on the ladder and into any position they are as bad as the previous lot and the next.

Political parties also cannot be reformed from within as often more left and socialist leaning Labour Party members wish to do with that party. It is not going to work and will not make one iota of a difference. The system is designed this way to make no difference.

What is needed is a new and different approach. One without political parties but of people, independent but interdependent, working for a Co-operative Commonwealth.

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