Colbie Caillat wants to start a vegan clothing line

Up on the bandwagon she goes with all the others...

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Colbie_CaillatTwo-time Grammy winner Colbie Caillat has sold more than six million records, written songs for other stars including Hilary Duff and appeared on Saturday Night Live, but the 29-year-old singer-songwriter has plenty left

to cross off of her bucket list. She says that she would love to start her own vegan clothing line, which would serve as the culmination of years of hard work as an animal activist and dedicated vegetarian.

Colbie Caillat says that making a vegan clothing line is definitely a goal and she is an advocate for all-vegan garments, choosing to wear stage and street looks from designers like Stella McCartney, Maje, and Nicole Miller, whose clothing is not produced in a way that harms animals.

What no one seems to consider is that while vegan clothes and shoes may not “harm” animals they often do, however, harm the Planet, especially the shoes which are, more often than not, made of synthetic “leather” and for synthetic leather you best read oil-based materials.

There is no need to wear fur, that is true, and a fox's pelt always looks best on a fox and while wool, on the other hand, is just something that must come off the sheep anyway really to keep them healthy not everyone can wear it, and most vegans, I know, would not.

As to leather – I know, we have just been there a minute ago – the only real alternative for shoes and bags is either hemp, that is to say canvas materials, or cork, if we want to avoid synthetics or, alas, synthetic leather. Synthetic leathers, at times made from plastics, are often used in clothing and fabrics. Artificial leather is marketed under many brands, including "leatherette", "faux leather", "Naugahyde", and "pleather". For more information on artificial leather see:

While “ordinary” clothing sure enough can be made from natural materials that did not harm animals or involve animals, such as hemp, cotton, linen, etc. there is a limit what can be done without harming the environment, it is, at times, difficult to have your cake and to eat it, is it not?

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