Climate after Growth – Book Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Climate after Growth
by Asher Miller & Rob Hopkins
A Report published 2013 by Post Carbon Institute and Transition Network
27 Pages A4 PDF

Downloadable free a Post Carbon Institute (

Climate-After-Growth-300This report states what I have been saying as well, and that for years already, namely that simply replacing fossil fuels with renewables is not going to work, however nice this would be. Especially as there is no, as such, replacement for fossil fuel in aviation and maritime transportation unless, that is, in the case of the latter, we would go back to sail (and we may actually have to).

The authors drive a coach and horses through the notion of the possibility of the continuation of the perpetual growth economy and also throw some rather large spanners – wrenches, to our American cousins – into the works of those in the “green” movement who believe in the idea of “green growth”.

The ship of “green growth” to solve the climate crisis and to grow the economy is not going to sail. Robust, long-term growth, in overall economic activity, as measured by GDP, is a thing of the past, as the authors say and explain.

The reading of this report is highly recommendable as it will bring enlightenment to many – or so, at least, one should hope.

The one thing that is somewhat annoying, to me, at least, in this report is that the author(s) keep harping on about the things that we need government and institutions to do.

Do we really? People power does not need government! In that respect the authors are missing the point as government is very much the problem and not the solution as regards to change. Otherwise, however, a brilliant report and enlightening read.

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