Domoney blames excessive internet use for "disconnect with nature" in children

Too much time on the computer is stopping children getting outdoors says TV gardener David Domoney.

David DomoneyGarden designer David Domoney, co-presenter of ITV’s Love Your Garden, says he is concerned about the ‘disconnect’ between children and nature – largely due to rise and rise of the Internet.

He said: "Where has the simplicity of a garden treehouse for children gone, where they can climb a tree and connect with nature? A simple tree for kids to climb. A connection with the outdoors."

At this year’s RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, Domoney has designed an Avatar-style elevated Treehouse and Woodlands called The Quiet Mark Tree House and Garden by John Lewis.

"We are fighting an uphill battle with the Internet" says Domoney. "And gardening is the loser".

According to communication regular Ofgem, teenagers today spend  over 32 hours each week either watching television or on the Internet. The time is evenly split between the two activities. That’s an increase of two hours per week in terms of online usage year on year.

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