Make this New Year the year of the green resolutions

Make the 2014 the year of the green resolutions at home and elsewhere

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

new-year-green-resolutionsMany people tend to make New Year resolutions that they end up breaking, unfortunately, already, in the majority, about two days in, because those resolutions are, all too often, about self-improvement. Let's forget about those and make yours resolutions that have a lasting impact on you and the environment. Resolve to make this year greater, more productive, more peaceful, beautiful and green than the last.

Go green at home and elsewhere. Going green should not cost you money, it should save you money.

Often people believe that in order to do something for the environment, to go green, they have to buy all those green gadgets and things but that is not the case at all.

Don't buy a recycled steel pencil pot; instead make your own from an empty tin can. Don't buy a set of recycled glass storage jars; use empty glass produce jars instead. And this is just a very small example.

Reduce waste: By doing the above you already begin with the waste reduction program and at the same time save money. Buying new, regardless whether made from recycled materials of not, though buying stuff made from recycled materials is better than stuff made from virgin raw materials, creates waste and required the use of many kilojoules of energy.

Waste reduction takes many forms and one of them is reducing food waste. Every year people throw out about half of all the food that they buy because they buy too much,, cook too much and have no idea as to how to use leftovers, and also do not understand the use by, and best before, etc., dates and the latter can be confusing.

So, resolve to buy less, cook from scratch and learn how to use leftovers and the meaning of the dates.

Reuse (including “waste” materials): Glass jars = storage jars; tin cans = pencil bins and many other things; and the list could go on and on.

Make you own: Instead of buying everything that you want and need try to making things for yourself, from items of “waste”, natural materials or other.

Want and need a walking stick? Don't get one of those telescopic aluminum or fiberglass things. They break or bend when pressure is applied such as trying to prevent a slip from a mountain. Make yourself a good sturdy wooden one.

Grow a garden: Even if you do not have all that much space you can grow some of your own food.

Rethink your eating habits: Instead of always having meat consider that meat was once upon a time reserved in the time of our grandparents and their parents for special days and Sundays, in most cases, and they were a great deal healthier than us today. Also their food, including the meat, was produced in a much healthier way than it is today.

Use a reusable water bottle and fill up with tap water instead of buying water in plastic bottles. Better for your wallet and the Planet. And no, bottled water is not healthier than tap.

Take homemade lunch to work or to the park. Don't buy at fast food places, and use real cutlery when having a picnic in the park or for your lunch at work rather than plastic flatware.

Change the way you travel: Walk or cycle instead of using the car and for longer distances, wherever possible, use public transport. The former two are good for Planet and your wallet, the latter, in the case of Britain, I am afraid much better for the Planet than your wallet.

Those are but a few ideas for some green New Year's resolutions which are easy to do, are good for the Planet, and which also, at the same time, give your wallet a relief from the stress and strain.

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