Enjoy a beverage... thank a farmer

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

320px-Interesting_alcoholic_beveragesHow many of us, when partaking in a “jar”, as it is often referred to in working class areas of Britain, of beer, ale or whatever, consider how the ingredients came about and thank a farmer…

Let's look at a few:

Wheat or barley makes beer, together with hops

Corn, in the USA, makes Whiskey, while it is barley that makes Whisky (Scotch)

Grapes make wine

Sugarcane makes Rum

Agave makes Tequila

Potatoes make Vodka

Apples make Cider

Pears make Perry

Rice makes Sake

Get it yet? All those ingredients are grown on a farm or in an orchard, thus, when having a drink of this kind, thank a farmer. You probably can add a few more that I have not listed and when it comes to tea, coffee and others the same is true... thank a farmer.

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