Freedom and government are opposites

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

voluntaryismPeace and freedom comes about when nation states and governments are abolished and when people are allowed and empowered to be their own masters, their own sovereigns. When the land, which can be owned by no man or state, is worked by all for the benefit of all. Then and only then will things truly change.

We we stand at this moment in time and history is at the crossroads of the old and the new. The old we all know only too well and the new most fear, as it is unknown. But, the choice is simple. Go on as is and we commit ecocide and wars will always be with us or take the road less traveled towards a new dawn.

You cannot be free while being governed at the same time. The two diametrically oppose each other. Freedom and being governed just does not compute as the two, government and freedom, are in direct opposition to each other.

The majority, around the world, however, seems incapable to fathom and understand this simple truth having been conditioned – brainwashed might be a better term – to believe that government is necessary and that it requires a government by the people for the people. But any government of any kind means that there is no freedom and only privileges granted which can, at any time, arbitrarily, be removed.

Even “rights” supposedly guaranteed under a constitution or “basic law” are but privileges that the powers-that-be have, often begrudgingly, granted and they will remove them as and when they see fit.

Do not believe, not even for one minute, not a second even, that a written constitution, not even the one of the United States of America, is any different.

If you are free then you have all the rights under the sun but no government. If, however, you have a government then you are not free and then there are no rights; only privileges granted like to a prisoner or a slave who behaves well.

© 2013