Colle Farmers Market Responds to Organic Food Benefiting Parkinson’s Patients

Organic food advocate, Colle Farmers Market, responds to a Medical Daily article outlining how patients with Parkinson’s disease may benefit from eating food grown without pesticides.

gI_102847_colle_logo-01Bohemia, NY, June 15, 2013 : On June 15, organic food advocate Colle Farmers Market issues a statement in response to a Medical Daily article, which details how organic food could prevent Parkinson’s disease.

According to an article published by Medical Daily, some recent studies have suggested that organic food could prevent Parkinson’s disease (PD). Scientists continue to study both genetic and environmental influences that may trigger PD and some studies suggest that pesticides may lead to the onset of PD. The article says eating organic food may not only be beneficial to the prevention of PD, but may be healthier for patients who currently have PD.

The article points to a few benefits that organic food provides: Organics provide a healthy alternative to fruits and vegetables that have been sprayed with pesticides. The article says those who would like to prevent the onset of PD or those living with PD should try to incorporate organic foods with fiber, flavonoids, and protein. Consuming organic peppers could also help PD patients. Diet may vary depending on the person and the stage of PD, but the article reveals that organic food could improve health.

A representative from Colle Farmers Market says this discovery could help fuel greater need for organic farming. “Parkinson’s disease affects a lot of people,” the Colle rep says. “This discovery could help spark the organic farming initiative. If organic food is proven to help people with Parkinson’s disease, it might give the government a push to support more organic farms. That way, organic farms could grow and the amount of organic produce could increase. With scientific evidence behind it, the organic farming initiative could thrive.”

The Colle rep says the benefits for organic food should be publicized more. “This is a brilliant discovery and more people should know that the benefits of organic food is not a farce,” he says. “It really is about telling people that they can help themselves by eating healthy, organic food and limiting exposure to pesticides.”

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