How to make “The Dibbler”, a useful gardening tool

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

dibbler-flat-01-09Weathervane Farm blog share directions and a video how to create this gardening tool.

This tool makes creating holes in which to plants seeds with exact spacing and depth a simple task. Instead of long periods on time on your hands & knees bent over, you can do it in minutes and thus it makes this tool is a “lifesaver” for disabled & senior gardeners especially.

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Meet the man who more or less calls himself the inventor of “The Dibbler” it says and it further says that he refused to sell the concept but to let all gardeners share and enjoy it. However, this idea and design has been around in professional gardening for decades, only the pegs were wood then.

While the idea is great and especially the use of steel bolts, washers and locking nuts it a novel way, it is not this gentleman's invention and taking credit for something that has been in the ether in many different countries for years is taking things a little too far.

It has, in fact, been about, as said, for ages, but went in most places by the name of “dibber board” and is used to make holes for planting also in the garden itself and not just for plant packs.

While I am a Reuse Consultant teaching people the reuse of many items of “waste” such as tin cans for pencil bins, scoops, etc., and glass jars for drinking vessels, storage jars and the like, making coat racks from waste lumber and wine and champagne corks, it would never occur to me to pass any of it off as being invented by me. It just would not be ethical as those ideas have been in the ether for ages.

I may, indeed, sell my reuse creations based on what I teach to those that are not willing to make their own (straight away), like my coat racks made from waste lumber and corks I would never even try to claim them to be my invention, though they might, in fact, be.

Some original ideas of mine, and I knew that they, basically, were my original ideas commercially used, have been used, or should I say appropriated, by others, such as the pairing up of lost gloves that have been found, under the name of “Glove Love”, for example, who also claim it as their original idea.

Nevertheless, I have never claimed to be the inventor as the idea was, to me at least, a simple common sense one that frugal people would have done and would do. Period.

While the dibber board is a great idea and labor saving device it is not the invention of he who, more or less, claims it as such at the present day. It has been around, though a little different, for many decades if not even a century or more.

Honesty goes a long way and credit should be given where credit is due.

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