Family realize their dreams with their own forest and sawmill


John Cushnie bought a Logosol sawmill to take care of timber from his woodland property, situated in the middle of the English Lake District, one of the UK’s most visited tourist destinations. “My wife Jane comes from the area and our neighbors are all her relations,” says John Cushnie, looking as though he is the cat who got all the cream as he lifts an oak log onto his Logosol saw.

“I’m a qualified engineer,” says John, who currently works for a mobile telephone company. For him, the forest is not only an opportunity for relaxation. The engineer in him also sees an opportunity to improve and create. That’s why a few years ago he bought a Logosol M7 to deal with storm damaged and thinned out trees. “It’s economically better we take care of the trees ourselves than to bring in a contractor,” says John.


According to Jane, her husband’s motivation is not quite as scientific as he makes out. “When we have parties for our friends and their families, the dads always congregate around the sawmill,” she says. She means that the sawmill awakens the boy in both her husband and other men. John admits that there could be something in that. “Sawing is both interesting and relaxing. It’s also useful. There are worse places you could be working in,” says John, sweeping his arm over the lake vista.


Currently, the forest and sawmill are just a hobby, but in the long term, the forest will become part of the family’s source of income. The idea is to build a few overnight cabins and run courses associated with the forest. Having a forest with its own sawmill in one of the UK’s hottest tourist areas makes these plans all the more realistic.

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