The Moron – sorry Mormon – World

Mormonism: A religion based on witchcraft?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Is the Mormon “faith” based on witchcraft? To all intents and purposes it would appear thus and it is not any kind of “white” or beneficial kind of witchcraft but the most evil kind.

asonic symbols Can fourteen million people be wrong? Yes, they indeed can. 14,000,000 people have been lied to and been led astray, and that most deliberately, and the majority of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints do not have the faintest idea that this is the case. Those that have entered the “inner sanctum”, however, know for it is nothing more than a Masonic Temple and the rituals are the same, basically.

Sometimes I think that Joseph Smith actually was playing a prank when he came up with the angel Moroni and the Book of Mormon, etc., trying to figure out how many people would fall for it. Later on he, and Brigham Young, fell in love with the idea and the power that they could have over people.

But, there could be much more to that. Who knows?

Fact is that the Mormon church is not Christian, not even by a very long stretch of anyone's imagination, but is Masonic and dangerous in all aspects behind the scenes. The ordinary church members and young missionaries do not have clue to this as they will not, ever, in the main, have a chance to see behind the curtain.

It is, however, not only the Mormons that have been blinded by people wishing to exploit the idea of Jesus and religion. This leads deep into the Christian denominations and there are many who are not what they seem and what they preach.

Many missionary groups and Bible translators are nothing but fronts for American vested interest operations, being a wholly-owned part of the CIA and the NSA or its subcontractors, such as United Fruit Company (also a CIA outfit).

The is subversion deeply rooted in religion and many of those organizations, in fact, have a better intelligence gathering apparatus than does the CIA and NSA and are thus subcontracted to them.

The Wycliffe Bible Translators played – being a part of the CIA – an extremely great role in the destabilization of many countries in Central and South America that were led, for a while, by socialist governments, such as Nicaragua, or worked hard against the popular uprisings in El Salvador and Honduras.

Many groups are still in Honduras (and El Salvador) making mischief on behalf of the US agencies.

But, back to the Mormons...

Fourteen million people (give or take a few) worldwide have been deceived, and more are falling for the tricks daily, by a so-called church whose foundations lie in dabbling in very dangerous practices indeed and those acts are still being practiced behind the curtain in every temple of this group and the “poor” members, who are forced to give ten percent of their income to this church are kept entirely in the dark.

Many of those that have left the LDS church have had interesting tales to tell though the majority of them are far too worried to do so and are, in fact, for ever on the run.

The practices of this particular group – and I am not talking about the ordinary deceived members – are Masonic and deeply “occult”.

But then, many of the founding fathers of the United States also were Lodge brothers and none bar one or two were, as always claimed by the right-wing Christian lobby, Christians.

Organized religion is a scourge to freedom and freedom-loving people and despite the fact that the USA claims to have a separation of church and state in reality things are very different indeed.

Now, and please no one misunderstand me for I have no time for the incumbent either, a Mormon is headed for the highest office in the USA and this can but spell disaster for the country (and the world).

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