Eco Hip Offers a New Revolutionary Way to Clean with E-Cloth

United Kingdom : Eco Hip provides customers with the products which make maintaining a chemical-free home and body easy. With fifteen years experience in the industry, the team strives to give people the greenest and most organic products around. One product, the E-Cloth, offers a revolutionary way of cleaning which leaves the home without chemicals.

Described as having exceptional cleaning power, the E-Cloth needs just water to achieve an outstanding cleaning capability. Each cloth has an astonishing 480,000 strands per square centimeter so that as homeowners draw the cloth across a surface, dirt is trapped and absorbed thus leaving the home clean without using any chemicals.

Eco Hip offers customers a collection of products from the Eco Hip range. By purchasing the general purpose, glass polishing and mop system E-Cloth products, it is possible to clean the home from top to bottom whilst reducing the use of harsh cleaning chemicals drastically.

Using modern technology, the E-Cloth is better for the house and environment. To save money and time when cleaning, Eco Hip recommends the E-Cloth. The general purpose E-Cloth is a popular purchase for customers looking to clean the entire home with one product. It removes thick grease, bacteria and dirt just by adding water and can be become a duster by using dry.

For E-Cloth lovers, Eco Hip introduces the E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop. Customers can enjoy the remarkable cleaning ability of the E-Cloth for floors now too. The E-Cloth cleans solid wood, laminate, tiles, vinyl and much more with just water, leaving no smears.

For an environmentally friendly, chemical free, money saving product, many customers have chosen the E-Cloth from Eco Hip.

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