They planted nut trees in our street

They planted nut trees in our street; now look at the mess

By Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Hazelnuts In a town in Germany, which shall remain nameless, the residents complain that fallen nuts create a mess on the street and especially the sidewalk.

In those particular streets trees that had to be taken down because of disease or old age were replaced with nut trees and now the people bemoan the fact that the fruits fall off in autumn and “create a mess”. Maybe they all need a lesson in foraging.

They complain about Mother Nature's bounty rather than making use of it. How far removed from the natural world and real life has the great majority of our species actually become, especially the town dwellers?

Our grandparents and even our parents would have thanked their good fortune and would have been out there with baskets, buckets, bags and what-have-you and would have gathered in the harvest. Those nuts are edible after all for we are talking about the hazelnut and the cob nut. You pay good money for those in the stores and especially in the run up to Christmas.

Modern residents in those streets can but, it would seem, complain about “the mess” made by the fallen nuts. They have no idea that they could go and use them. What a crazy world we live in nowadays.

If their isn't an app on and for their smart phones for it they don't know what to do; or so it appears.

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