Sunscreen and Vitamin D deficiency

By Michael Smith (Veshengro)

A report by medical teams indicates that there is a great deal of Vitamin D deficiency in pregnant mothers in the UK and that this deficiency will affect the child. Vitamin D deficiency can, amongst other things, lead to rickets and this condition is said to be on the increase again in Britain.

In order for the body to manufacture Vitamin D exposure of the bare skin to sunlight is required and as the hours of sunlight in Britain can be rather few it is important that our bodies in our regions, and more so further North, absorb as much sunlight as possible.

It is being suggested that one reason for the increase in Vitamin D deficiency in recent decades is due to our use of sunscreen which simply will not allow the body to absorb the necessary rays that lead to the production of this Vitamin.

Other cremes, such as foundations and moisturizers also contain some sunscreen and thus women, mothers, are exposed less to the necessary rays of the sun than they were ever before and which are needed for the production of Vitamin D and thus, bingo, a problem.

Young children also do not get enough of sunlight as they spend way too much time indoor and, on the occasion that they are let out into the sun, they get smothered by their mothers and carers with high factor sunscreen and thus they cannot absorb the needed rays. And this further exasperates the problem and hence rickets is on the rise again in Britain.

There are also, ands this must not be forgotten, some particular minorities in Britain (and elsewhere) where women are entirely covered, including hands and face when outside that they have little to no chance of absorbing the needed beneficial rays of the golden orb in the sky.

The children of those groups too more often than not get covered head to toe in cloth and thus, even when out of the womb and growing up, they lack the exposure to sunlight and it is for that reason that the highest incidents of rickets is found amongst that population.

Get out into the sun bare (or as much bare as possible) and get your Vitamin...

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