Lakeland Garden Catalog – Preview

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The Spring 2011 Garden Catalog from Lakeland must be the best ever to date and it is packed full of with tools and inspiration to grow your own.

Some tools are those that have been reviewed in the virtual pages of the GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW before, such as Grandpa's Weeder and the Thingamadig, the “trowel” that I would not want to be without anymore. The Burgon & Ball Potato Scoop, called Potato Harvester in the catalog, on page 5, was featured in this publication already as well and I must say that that tool really is a great one to have when harvesting potatoes.

This year the catalog is geared even more for self-reliance and self-sufficiency as now it also includes a section about raining hens in your back garden. A nice addition for sure.

The garden maypole plant support on page 15 is the modern equivalent of the Victorian Bean Pole and will be equally as effective. I salvaged an original cast iron one – slightly damaged unfortunately – some years ago; it was destined for the scrapyard. One of these days I must get down to painting it to protect it from the elements.

The Grow Camp, on page 18 and 19, is another what would appear to be brilliant idea though it does not come cheap.

This is yet another great catalog from the friendly folks at Lakeland and worth a serious look inside for anyone remotely interested in growing their own.

You will also find a selection of seeds, plants and tubers for planting and sowing in your garden in order to produce some of your own fruit and vegetables.

Hopefully I shall be able bring you reviews of the newer tools and such in due course when I have gotten hold of the necessary samples.

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