Ireland forced to take EU bailout

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

November 20, 2010: Ireland has been forced to take a EU sponsored financial bailout for that is the way the European Union works. Sovereignty no longer exists, despite all that is said, and the EU decides what is going to happen, if need be with a little force.

Is this really what the people of Europe had in mind when they thought it to be such a good idea to all be in the EU? The founders may have had that in mind but then again they might not have; the people on the other hand, no one seems to actually ask them and if a referendum is done the countries are told to run it so long until the outcome is positive.

Despite the fact that, originally, the government of the Emerald Isle was vehemently rejecting any attempt of accepting this financial bailout from the EU and the IMF in the end it has to surrender to the demands of the European Union “leadership” in Brussels.

We can, I believe, clearly see here now from which quarter the wind is blowing as far as the European Union is concerned and that every attempt will be made to hold this structure together, even if by use of duct tape, coercion, and even force.

Countries that are part of the European Union, and this includes Britain, despite the fact that the British governments of which ever color and persuasion will keep telling the people that this is not so, have had to hand over, theoretically, all sovereignty interest to the unelected folks in Brussels, to the Commission.

The Commission and Council really runs the EU and not the parliament, despite claims to the contrary, and the commission and the council are bodies that are not accountable to anyone, it would appear, and definitely not to the individual member states.

The financial bailout pressure that has been put on Eire is simply because they do not, on any account, want to have to abandon the Euro, the European federal currency, that no one, as it would seem, even wants any more. The majority of Germans, for one, want the D-Mark back and get rid off the Euro. The politicians, on the other hand, are prepared to do everything possible to keep the Euro, and even if it means keeping it on life support and artificially alive.

Any EU country that has the Euro as currency that ends up defaulting financially and thus might endanger the Euro will, no doubt, be put under the same pressures as has been Ireland and will have to take a bailout from the EU and other sources forced on it.

Why is this so? The answer here is a very simple one and one that even a blind man with a stick would be able to see; namely that in that way the country or countries that have financial problems will be bound by loans even closer to that lot in Brussels and thus are controllable.

It has nothing to do with wishing to help any of those countries, and how could the UK even try with more than 800 billion Pounds of public deficit anyway, and not allowing them to go bankrupt but everything to do with personal – for lack of a better word – interest and with the wish to control.

While Britain's offer of “help” to Eire is not necessarily based on the latter, the wish to control, but on economic interests in that Ireland is one of the biggest importers of British goods, as far as Brussels is concerned it is all about control and power over the individual member states.

Time to tell the EU where to get off...

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