Nature Observations for Late Summer 2010

Hawthorn and other fruit-bearing trees, shrubs and bushes abundant in produce. Signs of a bad winter to come?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The British Met Office stated in the beginning of August 2010 that Britain would be getting a very early autumn followed by a very early, long and severe winter and seeing the amount of fruit on all kinds of trees and the squirrels having stashed away all the hazelnuts already and if the old tales can be believed they may just be right.

Then again the predicted a barbecue summer for last year, which did not materialize and a mild winter. Right! OK! The winter was anything but mild. Then again the abundance of fruit on trees last year pointed to a cold spell.

If we are in for such an early fall and long and severe winter then in the UK we are certainly in trouble.

Already the cold winter of 2009/2010 caused a near collapse of the electricity grid and the gas to run out and the gods help us if it is a prolonged cold period. On top of all that the deniers will be rather busy then as well.

Not that that the latter is really going to be a serious problem; the former, on the other hand, could and will be.

Gas, as in the stuff used for cooking, heating and running a fair number of power stations, also could run short as Britain no longer has the holders as it did when they used to make gas from coal.

When Britain found natural gas in the North Sea the government and everyone in the industry seemed to have believe that that gas would last for ever and a day and thus the great majority of the old gas holders were dismantled and, therefore, we can no longer store gas for times of need.

Export came before energy security and the same is and was true as regards to the North Sea oil and even in terms of renewables they talk in terms of Britain to be leader in export of renewable energy.

Export comes before home, it would seem, and that again and again, and this all with reference to economy.

I wish they'd just tell the truth for once. It is profits they are all concerned about, in other terms, greed, and f*** everybody else.

But i digressed, as I do so often...

On some of my recent travels in other parts of the South of England I have seen yet more heavily laden hawthorn trees and bushes, hazel bushes, as well as apple and plum trees.

Mother Nature may be trying to tell us something. We must listen to Her voice and prepare.

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