New sanction imposed by UN on Iran

Now we know why the saber rattling off the Iranian coast

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

On Monday, July 26, 2010 new sanctions against Iran came into power and amongst those are the complete ban on investment in Iranian oil and gas industry.

This means that, unless the West can change the government of that country, there will be no more oil from Iran and that, together with the reduction in oil production in Saudi Arabia, will spell problems and also and especially gasoline prices rising.

Two entire US Navy carrier groups are in the Persian Gulf, off the Iranian coasts, sitting about waiting for something.

This, in my view, is ominous and does not bode well at all, especially as information states that they took on board helicopters, while crossing through the Suez Canal, which appear to be of the Sayeret Matkal of the IDF.

This entire operation shows, as does the Iraq war, that everything is related to oil, to the black sticky stuff that we are running out of, regardless of the fact that there are some who claim that there are still billions and billions of barrels of oil not as yet recovered. Cloud cuckoo land is just around the corner too and pigs do actually fly.

If there was so much oil to be had elsewhere why are they so hellbent on getting the Iranian stuff and were so hellbent on getting rid off Sadam Hussein so they could get hold of the Iraqi oil?

All the wars and conflicts, from Desert Storm to now, in the region, are all about oil and I can see ourselves getting really involved in some serious business down there and rather stretched and all that just because we are so addicted to that black sticky stuff and do not want to even think of an end to the oil age.

But the oil age is coming to an end, at least the part of the recoverable oil, the therefore “cheap” oil. However, the oil that still may be there is very difficult to bring to the surface and thus very expensive to recover.

This is the reason why the wars are being fought or prepared to be fought by the USA and others so that their oil companies can get their hands on the liquid black gold and the gas.

With sanctions taking effect against Iran the oil from the Iranian wells is lost to the West and thus ways must be found – they think – to get Iran to change its way and thus for the western oil companies to be able to move in and get their hands on the Iranian oil and gas.

Dangerous acts such as these – even if it may only be a “show of strength” – can all too easily backfire and prove that we are in dire straights as far as oil and gas are concerned.

The end of the oil age is upon us for definite, it would seem, and may be with us much sooner than even I have thought when I set out my book “The End of Oil”.

It would appear that I best get down to – very soon – to write the “sequel” to that book in the form of a small manual of skills that will be required after the event.

We are so addicted to oil, it would seem, as nations, that it will be very hard for us to shake off that addiction and especially if we have to do so in a hurry.

Therefore we must start the transition to a non-oil world now and acquire the mindset and the skills to do this.

© 2010

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