Teddies on an outing

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Colorado, USA, July 2010: Recently in Larkspur, CO, a bear took a car for a joyride of sorts. The bear got into the unlocked car looking for food and got trapped inside, in the process trashing the car, trying to find a way of escape.

The family, whose car this was, said that they learned something and that is not to leave car doors unlocked if there are hungry bears in the neighborhood and especially if there if food inside.

Bears are not teddies and are not Ben from Grizzly Adams TV. They are dangerous, unpredictable and they will go after anything food, and that even more so if humans are stupid enough to leave it laying about.

According to wildlife officers a shortage in the bear's natural food supplies has driven them to seek out other types of meals. McDonald's, I guess, was not an option. Then again, even bears would not touch that stuff, I should think.

In Colorado Springs, in another, non-confrontational settings, a female bear and a cub were observed taking nuts from bird feeders and taking a dip in the backyard pool, probably looking for fish as well.

Incidents of bears taking food out of trash cans and from camp sites are common and this is yet another reminder that bears will go after easy food if we are stupid enough to have it laying about and we cannot blame the bears for this.

Keep food out of reach and pick up and dispose of all trash properly and way from, if you are camping, your site is.

Cars should be locked, regardless as to whether bears are about or not, and maybe people must be a little more careful as to what they have in their backyards too.

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