In news reports Climate Change blamed for Samoan tsunami

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The tsunami that struck Samoa and Tonga in the South Pacific in the last days of September 2009 has been blamed by some on Climate Change.

I have to say that now I have about heard it all.

Tsunamis are not triggered by Climate Change or Global Warming but by undersea earthquakes. But some forces are trying to make this out to be a result of Climate Change as well.

Yet another time that Climate Change is being made to be responsible for something that it cannot and would not be.

Is this yet another attempt to fool the public and force them to believe such stories?

Why are certain powers trying to convince the public that every natural phenomenon is the result of Climate Change, be that tsunamis or what-have-you, when they are not?

Not everything that happens on the Planet, same as the high water recently at the US coast, is due to the changing of the world's climate, as they had to admit in the case of the rising waters.

While the climate appears indeed to be changing and the melting glaciers, whether in the Arctic or the Himalayas and such will, in the end, contribute to a rising sea level, a tsunami is not caused by Climate Change and will never be triggered by Global Warming either.


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