Cars outlawed in suburb of Freiburg, Germany

In part of the German transition town of Freiburg motorcar ownership has been, practically, outlawed.

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Now we have arrived at the point where the true face of the man-made lbal Warming/Climate Change myth is being laid bare, namely people control.

Originally it was voluntary in such places to give up the motorcar but now it has become compulsory and car ownership is basically made against the law.

First they try to persuade people out of their cars and to give their internal combustion engine cars by making it a climate survival issue and by using high fuel prices. Then, finally, they simply say no to cars completely and bingo; people have lost the ability to live and work where they choose.

While I am certainly no lover of the infernal combustion engine and motor cars, as I am not a car owner nor a driver, but a cyclist, they do have their uses and I will defend anyone's right to own one in spite of this.

Too me the agenda of people control by removing the “right” to own a personal motorcar hidden behind the man-made climate change myth has been obvi0ous for a considerable time; in fact ever since the 1970s when they were claiming that we were headed for a new ice age and were giving the same flawed supposed facts.

While I am certainly not denying that the world's climate is indeed changing I very much, and so do others, doubt that it is caused by human activities or belching and farting cows.

The aim has been for some decades already to get ordinary people out of their cars for good and to make them live nearer to their work again, as used to be the case during and after the Industrial Revolution and before the arrival of the motorcar and its availability to the masses. This, in most cases, means a move back into the towns and especially cities.

People who live in towns and cities are easier to control than those living outside the urban areas.

Remove people's means and freedom of personal travel and they will have to move back into the conurbations as to be close enough to their jobs so as to reach them by public transit systems, by bike or on foot. People thus can be controlled and corralled there if and when the powers that be decide. Nice one, Henry!

The permanently increasing gasoline and diesel prices are yet another attempt to get people out of their cars for it is not so much the companies – though they as well – that make to the increases in prices of fuel while crue oil remains steady in price, but the taxes levied by government.

One must wonder though as to why governments seem to be working on killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

It does not make sense unless, obviously, the control of the people means much more to the powers that be than any revenues that they can get from the taxes on gasoline and diesel.

We have seen an attempt – though often less than halfheartedly – to curb, for lack of a better work, the use of the motorcar by private citizens ever since the 1970s to be honest and more often than not for the selfsame reasons as the environment and the protection of same given.

Henry Kissinger in his now infamous statement of that time said that if you would wish to control nations you would have to control fuel and if you would like to control people it would be food that you would have to control.

The nation control was tried immediately after... enter the oil crisis that never was... and what we are seeing now is another past of the people control. Take away people's freedom and means of personal transportation that allows them to live in the countryside but work in the cities and you control where they can live and work. Marvelous, is it not?

What we saw, as said, in the “oil crisis” was a blatant attempt of trying how far they could go with what they were doing and they got a considerable way with it. Now it is going further with an attempt being made to actually make the car, driving and car ownership socially unacceptable in the same way as they did with smoking (in public).

Now, in order to live in some places, one will have to forgo car ownership and use and while I am, as I said, am all for less cars on the road, especially for the unnecessary journeys, I will also defend anyone's right to own a car and use it (responsibly).

Once, for whatever reason, government, etc., make such rules then what is going to come next one can but ask.

Next we will be told, no doubt, that we have to live in such and such a place, in this or that street, in such and such kind of home and do this or that job, and no other, no choice. This cannot be permitted to happen.

There is one little note that I would like to insert here and that is that what we perceive as the right to car ownership and use may, in fact, be a privilege granted to those that do drive amongst us for does not everyone have a government issued driver's license and license plates. Government could thus claim that, therefore, it is a privilege granted that can also be taken away, rather than a right. But still I defend anyone's whatever it may be to own and operate a car even though I do not drive nor own one and have chosen to cycle instead and use other means of transportation. But that is my choice, to a degree, as it is also governed by another factor, aside from the lack of funds for it all.

We must keep a close eye on the truth here and not be misled by smokescreens of this or that environmental catastrophe. While the car contributed, no doubt, to smog and other pollution and I would rather see an end of the ICE simply because of the particles in the exhaust that is harmful to our health, I disagree with forcing people to give up their cars.

If cars are outlawed only outlaws will have cars, in the same way as too guns. And where guns have been outlawed we see that only villains now carry then, and some of those wear uniforms too.

© 2009