The dictatorship of the elite

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Despite being told that we have democracy – which we do not have anywhere, true democracy, that is – we are being ruled by a self-styled and self-proclaimed elite who believe that they only know what is best for the people. The people themselves also cannot, apparently, be trusted to vote for the right candidates and have to be guided and, to make it easier, in the future, so some of them have already publicly stated, it would be better if we no longer had party politics and political parties but a “head of state” that is being chosen by the elites and who, in turn, with help of the elites, would then appoint his or her cabinet.

He or she who does not have a problem with this, I am afraid to say, has been brainwashed in such a way that they do not understand what the politicians are actually meant to be, namely public servants, and who they are answerable to, namely the people.

What is being aimed at here by the so-called and self-proclaimed and self-styled “elite” is to bring all countries of the world, ideally, back to feudalism where the “elite” rules like emperors, kings, princes and chieftains, and the people are all but serfs. Anyway, people who are being ruled are not free but are serfs or slaves.

Politicians are supposed to be the representatives of the electorate but behave as if they are the ones, in most cases, who know it all and it does not matter what the electorate's wishes are as soon as they are in office. They seem to believe that they are then no longer answerable to the people but only to their parties and the prime minister or whatever he or she may be called. And it has been the very same elected officials, and even more so the unelected ones in Brussels who have decided that party politics and political parties should become a thing of the past and that people should, once again, be rules by appointed (or should we call it again anointed) rulers and chieftains.

To this end they also wish to control the people through all kinds of measures which are claimed to be necessary for the security of the state and the people, against terrorism. At the same time they also want to curtail any kind of freedom of speech, of the right to peaceful assembly, and also, membership of certain political parties, groups and unions.

At the same time the people are being lulled to sleep by means of bread and circuses, much like in the last days of the Roman empire, predominately nowadays through circuses, because some can hardly afford the bread, and the circuses nowadays are called “soap operas” and “reality TV shows”, and such like.

The people also, those that may still think for themselves, believe that they cannot make any difference and thus they become disillusioned and give up trying to do anything. In addition to that the rest of the population has been brainwashed into believing that they can all become little millionaires in their respective countries, despite the fact that there is absolutely no chance to achieve this. Most people have also been brainwashed into thinking only for themselves, in the manner of “what does this party or that party” or “what will the government” do for me and what can I get out of this, with the the motto “I am alright Jack” and that is about it. That they, themselves, however, in the capitalist system, could also fall on hard times and may need the safety net the destruction of which they permit.

But this is how the elite wants to rule, namely by creating the fear that if anyone dare to buck the system and thereby lose employment. In that way they are able to oppress the people and have people work more and longer for less and less monetary (and other) rewards.

The elite wants to establish a dictatorship, a dictatorship that will be worse than anything that we have ever seen before. We are already seeing the rigging of elections, and not only in Banana republics, the discounting of votes cast, ballot stuffing, attacks on the Trade Unions and their activities, and more. However, if the elite will have their way we will have no legal ways to defend ourselves against oppression by those that should not be ruling in the first place.

Democracy means “the people govern themselves” and not that the people are being ruled, not even by elected rulers. Those that have rulers, as I have said already, are not free men and women but are serf at best and slaves at worst.

We must stand up and say no to a dictatorship of the elite and fight for true democracy. We must throw a spanner into the works of the elites so that they and their corporate cronies cannot establish the oligarchy or oligarchies that they wish to do, and TTP, TTIP and TiSA are the spearheads of this attack. It can be done and a new system must be created. A new system is possible, one where man and Nature count rather than where profit at all costs is the guiding principle. Let's say no to the dictatorship of the elite!

© 2016