Call for 5p tax on disposable coffee cups

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

London, UK, September 1, 2016: The Liberal Democratic Party in Britain has today called for for the introduction of a 5p charge on disposable coffee cups to cut usage.

Tim Farron said to this: “Throwaway cups are a threat to wildlife and the environment and its high time the Government stepped in to reduce the amount of waste created each year. I want to see a culture shift towards bringing your own cup for a refill, rather than buying cups which are often non-recyclable and then throwing them away.’’

As the 5p charge on plastic bags seems to be making inroads towards a reduction of the single use plastic shopping bags and makes people bring their own reusable shopping bags such a tax on disposable coffee cups might make them think about spending a few pounds on purchasing and them bringing along their own reusable cup.

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