Thompson & Morgan Jazzy Grow Bag Challenge (with incredicrop®)

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

comparison_T&M_incredicropMid-April 2016 I received the challenge pack from Thompson & Morgan including two Jazzy tubers (that's the potatoes, folks), two 8 liter grow bags, a sachet of incredicrop® and a bag of 25 liters of incredicompost®.

The aim of the challenge was to see how much bigger the yield was from a single tuber thus one was grown with and one without the incredicrop® (slow release fertilizer) though both in the same growing medium, that is to say the same amount of incredicompost®.

Though the leaf growth of the potatoes that did not have the fertilizer was stronger – at least initially – the other caught up to a degree. That made me think that the former might also have the higher yield, rather than the one with the fertilizer.

OK, long story short. The results can seen in the photo, with the one on the right being the one that had a once only application of incredicrop® at time of planting. I must say that even I am surprised.

Both the bags had equal amount of water applied and stood side by side. The soil (compost) in the one without incredicrop® was also a lot more waterlogged (the bags really need more drainage for the kind of weather that we have had this spring) while in the other one the soil (compost) was a lot drier and fluffier. Whether the incredicrop® had something to do with it or not, however, I cannot really say. Just making an observation.

The tubers were both planted on April 23, 2016 and the potatoes were harvested on August 27, 2016.

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