Fly-tips will multiply in Surrey

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

flytip1_webFrom the 1st Sept 2016 some non-household waste will be subject to charges at the tip. These include the following:

  • Tires from cars, motorcycles and all other motorized vehicles

  • Waste from construction, alteration or repair of your home and garden such as plasterboard, breeze blocks, bricks, rubble, soil, stones, turf, ceramic bathroom fittings, tiles.

You will have a free daily allowance of chargeable waste from the construction, alteration or repair of your home and garden of one bag or one item or one sheet of plasterboard. Thereafter charges will be applied.

The charges are as follows:

  • £5 per tire or part tire

  • £4 per bag or part bag of chargeable waste; or per item or per sheet of plasterboard

  • Bags no bigger than 50cm x 77cm

Items such as a concrete fence post, ceramic bath, cistern, paving slab

sheets of plasterboard no bigger than 120cm x 240cm

If these materials are loose, a charge of £50 will apply per car load

I am convinced that Surrey County Council in this instance will cut off its nose despite its face but then again most of the fly-tips will not come under the County Council but under the local (borough) councils and it will be they who will have to pick up that waste and then dispose off it. Local councils will bear the costs and will have to pay the county at the county tips.

Several years ago when one of the shires decided to go the route of but one refuse bag per household in an attempt to encourage recycling the amount of fly-tips around the county in parks, open spaces and the countryside skyrocketed, according to reports from park and countryside rangers, and much of those fly-tips were in the forms of refuse sacks, other than council ones, with domestic refuse, including kitchen waste, etc.

Since councils across Surrey (and neighboring ones) began charging for green waste, that is to say garden waste, the incidents of the dumping of garden waste in parks and elsewhere has multiplied also by large figures. No doubt we will now see this as far as such waste as above is concerned as well.

Charging commercial operators is, obviously, understandable, and enough of them have taken to dumping their waste, some hazardous, in parks and the countryside, but charging residents who bring the waste in their own private cars will only make matters worse.

For more details, including other materials and method of payment, click the link below:

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