Time to put a stop to ALL ritual slaughter

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

After the recent footage that has emerged from a Halal slaughterhouse in Britain it may be time – high time in fact – to put an end to all ritual slaughter and that includes the Muslim Halal as well as the Jewish Kosher. You can't ban one without the other.

There are laws governing general slaughter of animals, and I am sure that also that slaughter does not always go to plan, where pre-stunning of animals is required. As both of those religious groups seem to object to this, and the former more than the latter, but some of the latter also, then it is time to enforce the law and make all ritual slaughter illegal and a thing of the past.

Exemptions from the law for spurious religious reasons should not be permitted as it creates a two-tiered system and inequality, aside from suffering to the animals being killed.

Maybe it is actually time that people reconsidered the eating of meat altogether and changed over to a vegetable-based diet. If not entirely vegan then at least vegetarian.

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