GARDENA Classic Secateurs - Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

classic-secateurs-max-cutting-diameter-700afc4cThe GARDENA Classic Secateurs are the classic among the secateurs – with everything that marks good secateurs. They cut powerfully and are modern and ergonomic; they are best-suited for cutting flowers and young shoots.

The blades of the angled cutting head are non-stick coated and precision-ground.

Thanks to the ergonomically formed handles, the secateurs lie optimally in the hand with two holding positions allow both power cutting and quick snipping. The secateurs have a sap groove and a wire cutter.

With the single-hand safety lock, the secateurs can be easily locked and safely stored, though I must say that with almost all such safety locks I do like to employ a two-handed approach.

The Classic Secateurs cut a maximum branch diameter of 18 mm. The warranty period of 25 years guarantees highest quality.

They are made, like all of GARDENA's cutting tools, at the factory in Germany and, according to the press spokesperson of the company, are completely “Made in Germany”.

At around £10 retail they also do not break the bank.

While it says that the blades are precision-ground the sample that I received in the press pack at the GARDEN PRESS EVENT 2016 could have been somewhat sharper though. In fact, I had to sharpen them with a mill bastard file and a diamond one before they actually were really sharp as they should be and the way I would sharpen them. Then again I am pedantic as to sharpness of tools, having been a professional knife and scissor grinder.

While that is nothing that I cannot sort out personally, as I known how to sharpen cutting tools of all kinds to razor sharpness and maintain such an edge, this will not be the case with everyone.

While the secateurs handle great, and work fine with being properly sharpened, I can only rate them as 4 out of 5, for the fact that they were, more or less, blunt from the factory. Sorry about that but I have to be honest in my reviews and true to myself and especially to, you, my readers.

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