ASDA's shame

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

ASDA1ASDA, which started as Associated Dairies many years and has been known as ASDA almost ever since, now owned by the US giant Walmart has removed charity and food bank collection points from all of its stores in the UK.

Food banks throughout the Britain rely on these donations and this decision could leave Britain's poorest families going hungry.

The company have told media that they had reviewed its community program and decided to remove the facility which allows customers to buy extra items to donate. Though no proper reason for this has been given. One can but assume that their headquarters in the US has decided that it did not fit in with their image. But then they are an anti-Union corporation as much as an anti-people one, it would seem.

Many animal charities and food banks rely on these generous donations from the public and will struggle without them. ASDA provided an essential and welcome service for the community.

In Frome in Somerset, the food bank run by the charity “Fair Frame” was notified of the end of in-store food collections in the second week of February 2016. They put the proportion of food the charity had received from the ASDA collections at 25%.

Personally I refuse to shop at their stores ever since they became part of Walmart simply because of Walmart's unethical behavior in the US (and elsewhere), including and especially the poverty wages they pay their staff in the US and the fact that they are seriously against Unionization.

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