Paper notebooks and adult coloring books are definitely “in”

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

adult coloring book pagePaper notebooks are back in fashion – and that with a vengeance – and on top of that we now also have adult coloring books; yes, coloring books, but a little more grownup compared to the ones we may all have had as kids.

I have written about this resurgence of the paper notebook, whether they are Moleskine, Leuchtturm1917, or others, often cheaper but almost equally as good, ones.

It would appear that especially the new Millennials and young start-ups love the paper notebook and its popularity and resurgence seems to defy the widespread worship of technological innovations coming out of Silicon Valley. Instead of carrying certain tablet devices around with them to take notes, and such, those young and youngish people have returned to using paper notebooks. And the resurgence in the use of the manual typewriter also seems to defy all odds. The problem with the latter, often, though, is that the ink ribbons are difficult to obtain nowadays.

It would appear as if the ascent of the paper notebook is a part of a shift that we might call a revenge of analog, in which certain technologies and processes even as the world becomes increasingly driven by digital technology. The new wood culture and the desire to make wooden objects by hand and to own such objects and to use them also falls into this, no doubt.

Vinyl records and business cards are also making a real comeback and it would appear that the V-card, the digital business card, is almost history. Then again, did it ever really take off?

Personally I could not do without paper notebooks and paper note-taking systems, some which I have even designed myself to be just right for myself and my requirements. And no, using paper is not (necessarily) bad for the Planet.

While some people may wonder as to this “craze” of returning to analog by the new millennials I would suggest that this is a good turn for the books as we all know the problems with digital gadgets; they run out of batteries when we least expect and can do with it, break down just when they are needed most, and so on. The paper notebook and the pen (and especially the pencil) just keep on working, come rain and shine.

Paper notebooks, and I would say paper note-taking systems of any kind, even home-brew, are as relevant and important as ever especially as paper can make the abstract tangible in a way that digital devices simply cannot.

Adult coloring books are, apparently, at the top of Amazon's best seller list, and their popularity is attributed to 'anti-stress' benefits and but also, I should guess, to nostalgia, and they include titles such as Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Patterns and Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book. There are even adult coloring book pages that you can download for free at some locations on the worldwide web.

The paper diary, whether week to a page or day to a page, has in the last couple of years also seen a serious resurgence, and also in my own life; in the latter case as a day-to-a-page book which is used as a time planner as well as a record of certain events, even if only jotted down in short notes.

Paper and other old technologies are definitely making a comeback at this very moment as, it would appear, people have gotten fed up with having an over-complicated life with all the high-tech devices. Even the ordinary – if ordinary is the right word for it – letter, written by word processor or typewriter, but even, dare I say it, by hand – is in vogue again. You remember the thing that is sent by post, often referred to as “snail mail”.

Sure we still are all using our computer and are still using emails and social media but a lot of people have gone off or age going off using computers and other devices for note-taking, for keeping a time management diary, or such, and are returning to older, time-honored, methods.

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