Soros urges EU to give more support to Ukraine and not concentrate on Greece

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

An unelected (please insert your own choice of expletive here) of a billionaire tells the European Union what to do. Sorry, run that by me again very slowly.

While this may, in the light of the events that have been unfolding with regards to the Greek “crisis” and the Troika and the European Union vehemently refusing to budge but an inch as far as rescheduling the Greek debt is concerned, be already a little old the fact remains that this particular individual is taking upon himself far too much power to tell not just one government but an entire groups of governments what to do.

And seeing the influence that this man has over the leaders of the European Union and other nations shows the farce that our so-called democracy actually is. Unfortunately most people never get to hear about those shenanigans by such “powerful” individuals, as well as corporations, play and the influence they have over those people that are supposed to be answerable to us, the people.

Instead, however, our “representatives” do not represent us but work on behalf of those that pay them brides or otherwise put pressure on them to do as they want, and refuse to answer and be answerable to us, the electorate.

That should tell everyone who is not blind or deaf that we do not, anywhere, live in any form of democracy, not even by a long stretch, and that totally aside from the fact that being allowed to once in every so many years to cast our vote for the next captain and crew to run the ship, who then decide to just carry on as is regardless on the same course, does not a democracy make.

Democracy means, in its original, that the people govern themselves and I doubt that anyone will be able to list but one country on this Planet where this is actually the case. In the main the countries are but governed, and thus none of us are free people but slaves to the state, by more or less oligarchs.

Time to wake up people!

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