The old system is dying

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The old system is dying and it knows that its days are numbered but it is not going quietly, it is fighting tooth and nail to stay alive regardless of how many people will die in the process.

This fight against death by the old system also becomes more or less self evident in the many repressive laws being enacted against the people, the supposed and so-called “war on terror”, the mass surveillance of everyone and also the fluoridation of drinking water and the forced introduction in so many things of Aspartame (or its derivatives), both of the latter which are neural pathway agents and poisons.

oldsystemdying1The powers-that-be are more than aware that the power of the people, should the people decide to use it, is a threat to them and the system and in order to perpetuate their hold on power they are prepared to go to any lengths.

The old system is dying but it is fighting tooth and nail, like a cornered rat, to stay alive by all means possible, and like a cornered rat it is thus more dangerous than ever.

For this reason – under the guise of fighting crime and terror, though they themselves are the one creating terror – the powers-that-be want more and more control, to the point of total control, over the people and everything the people do, say and even think. Hence the proliferation of CCTV everywhere, the attempted control of the Internet, for this being free is an anathema to them, and wanting to know what we buy and where and when also.

It also demonstrates itself in the curbs on the freedoms of the press and the freedom of expression and to peacefully assemble and demonstrate.

The recent laws enacted in Britain that can turn any how ever peaceful demonstration in the eyes of the law and law enfarcement (no, this is not a spelling mistake) into acts of domestic terrorism is yet another facet of this.

We, who are working towards a new world, have to understand what is happening and why so that we know the enemy and know what to do.

The masses do not understand, however, what is going on and also many believe – God help us – that our governments are benign and go even so far as to say that, even if we do not like some or even all of the policies of those “in power” we must support the government which is in power.

I liken the government to them then to a company in which we are all shareholders and the government the board of directors who make a mess of things and then say that, in that case, we, the shareholders would immediately replace the board. And still they don't get it.

The true fact is that we must not just replace the board of this “company” called the state but we must abolish the state itself in the way that it exists at the moment.

Can we make the people understand? We must at least try to make them understand this truth as to what is happening and why. It is our task. It is the duty of those of us who have understood what is going on, what is happening, to awaken the masses. And, we must also be prepared to lead the awakened masses when the awakening has happened.

© 2014