Germany and the TTIP

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

German government admits that it does not know US documents

Stop_TTIP_webThe German government has stated responded to a request by Bündnis 90/Die Grünen (a union between the green party and another group in the German parliament) that the negotiations about the Free Trade Agreement (TTIP) between the USA and the European Union will be finalized possibly in 2015.

It was, however, also stated in this answer that the German government has not been permitted to see the US documents and has no knowledge of what they contain.

Apparently the German government, and possible the German one is not the only one here, has not been permitted to view those documents and Germany has made presentation to the EU complaining about this as it is contrary to the EU agreements about trade.

Too all intents and purposes the TTIP documents are so secret and the negotiations that even the governments of the EU member states are not permitted to see them and to understand what it really is all about.

With the German government admitting that it has been refused access and insight into the US documents appertaining to the TTIP one can but wonder what other countries also are not party, so to speak, properly to the negotiations.

How on earth can the unelected officials in Brussels negotiate on things that affect the citizens of all members states without the relevant governments being permitted insight into the documents presented by the US, for instance?

This, we can safely assume, shows that this agreement is not going to be an open and transparent one and one that is, in reality and not just in theory, being negotiated for the capitalist corporations only with the European Commission but rubber-stamping what the US government and its corporate masters demand.

It also shows the true nature of the United States which since World War Two had but one aim namely that of taking over the world and every government of any country that stands in its way will have democracy enforced upon it, by regime change and force of arms, in order to liberate the people in those countries and in order to bring about total corporation fascism and the TTIP is yet another way to achieve this.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR), the 32nd President of the United States said that “fascism comes about when private interests become more powerful than a democratic government”. And for private interests we must also read “interests of the corporations”. And this is the true nature of fascism, that of the power and will of the capital over that of the people.

It has once been said that the US government is in bed with the oil industry (and other industry) but it would appear more that first of all the US government is the oil industry, especially with the Bush family being involved in several stages still, hence the wish of the family for John Ellis "Jeb" Bush, former Governor of Florida to run for the office of President.

At every stage in the US government, legislature and also the judicature we meet people who have too close a link with the large corporations and too great an influence on their behalf on the government. The fact that the head of the FDA is a “former” executive of Monsanto should tell us already why that company gets its way each and every time as regards to GMO crops in the USA and why they are also so heavily involved in the TTIP.

I rest my case (it is getting heavy).

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