Climate change is causing Earth's poles to shift

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

dn24755-1_300Melting ice sheets and glaciers are leading to the redistribution of mass on the the Earth's surface. Because of the extreme accuracy with which scientists can measure the Earth's pole, this could be a new key indicator for climate change.

I have been predicting, if you would like, this happening ever since I have been become aware of a shifting of the magnetic pole, which is not a pole shift but a shifting or better tilting of the Earth's axis and this is what the truth is about “shifting of the poles”. The pole or poles, themselves, actually cannot move or shift and thus it is the Earth's axis that is tilting rather. The magnetic north pole, for instance, is actually a magnetic mountain located on an island just off the Canadian coast in the far north and the shift of the axis of the Earth is causing it to appear moved somewhat nowadays.

The axis of our Planet has begun to tilt because of the ice melt in one area and, in fact, the build up of ice on another, as is currently happening in the Antarctic while in the Arctic the ice is, predominately, just melting and a tilt of the axis could really cause mayhem to the Planet's climate and to all of us.

This is not, however, the first time that the Earth goes through this, but it is the first time that humans are present and the first time that there are so many billions that could be adversely affected by any such happening. The possibility it that it could end all life, as far as human and other animals are concerned, on Earth.

The question is, now, as to whether we will be able to stop and rectify this, and that would then require all of climate change to be man-made, or whether it is too late already, as far as the man-made part of climate change is concerned, and we have no control of this happening.

If the latter is the case then the upheavals that are being caused will be the death of millions of our fellow men and women on the Planet and, more than likely, also the death of many of our fellow animal beings as everything is simply going to change.

No one can say what is going to happen, how and when, as no one has ever been present at such an event and the aftermath of it and neither will any computer models be able to predict anything. Computers work on the GIGA principle, which is to say “garbage in garbage out”, meaning as we have no knowledge of what happens, etc., we cannot enter any data or assume that the response is the correct one.

How can we prepare for the event? We can't, is the simple answer. Having said that, however, we must do everything in our power to eliminate any possible man-made causes of climate change and that means now and not in some years' time and pollution (no, not just CO2 emissions) must be reduced and eliminated forthwith. No more talking about it at conferences; the time for fireside chats about it is over, action is required and it is required the day before yesterday.

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