If you do not work you shall not eat

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

CxIKULNAccording to information that is going through media outlets apparently the latest attitude of the Tory Party is that people who do not work shall also not eat (and, as far as some reports state, this may include children).

We have known ever since Thatcher that the Tories want to bring “Victorian values” back to the country but that it was going to include those measures very few have only foreseen. By now it would appear it is not just Victorian values but Old Testament values and ways.

It is no wonder that they are seen as the “Nasty Party” and do deserve this image and description to the T. Very few of their Members of Parliament ever as much as stand up for the common man and woman in the street and the environment.

They only seem to be interested in giving as much support to the 1%, the ones that gave the country, and the world, the Great Recession in the first place.

And the successors, as they believe themselves to be, of the Whigs, the Liberal Democrats, who would not understand, it would appear, since they are in the coalition with the Tories, what liberalism actually means, appear to be happily allowing it to happen.

Under this Con-Dem coalition Britain is beginning to slip back towards not just the Victorian era but much further back towards around the Middle Ages if we are not careful.

Given only half a chance the debtors' prisons and workhouses will be back in no time and we are already headed for government slavery. Feeding the homeless is already being outlawed and they are also intending to make rough sleeping a crime. In other words being homeless is becoming a crime in Britain and not just in Britain alone. Other European Union countries are walking the same road right now also.

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