When peaceful protest is made impossible (illegal) violent revolution becomes inevitable

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

When peaceful protest is made impossible and is even outlawed and deemed an act of terrorism then violent revolution becomes inevitable and almost a civic duty.

pillar10-history-french-revolution-delacroixMore and more we see in the USA, Britain, Germany, and other places – all of them so-called free and democratic countries – the people's even constitutional rights to peaceful assembly and -protest being curtailed and even deemed and declared unlawful under anti-terrorist laws – or should we better call them terror laws or plain terror? – with police (and military) being used to violently attack even non-violent protesters that do not offer resistance.

This is more than a recipe for disaster and one that almost makes violent revolution and change of system by means other than peaceful and non-violent ones inevitable.

When governments trample the human rights of the people under foot it become the duty for everyone to rise up against the tyrants and those perpetrating such actions.

While change brought about through non-violent actions as Gandhi stood for should always be preferable when those become regarded as terrorism and handled as such the people are left with little other choice but to change their course of actions and the angle of attack, so to speak.

Any change must, however, not just be political. Such a revolution must be also a social one at the very same time. Political change without social change for the better is no change at all but basically a status quo.

Changing one party in government for another without changing the underlying system that enslaves the people is not change at all but a perpetuation of the exploitative system. This could be seen in Russia after the first revolution (not the October 1917 one) and also when “New Labour” under Blair & Co. The working class ended up worse even than under Thatcher and that already before the economic collapse.

Political change without socio-economic change is no change at all. However, the majority of the people in the so-called free and democratic countries seem to believe that if they just exchange one establishment party for another they will have it better. Talk about brainwashing and dreaming.

True change can only come about when we change the system, and that from the very bottom up and not (just) the government.

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