LÖWE 1.102 Anniversary edition anvil pruning shears – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The world's first anvil pruning shears launched in 1923 by LÖWE and the LÖWE 1.102 is a very special Anniversary Edition of this popular and classic model, perfect for use in all types of gardening and horticulture, fruit growing, forestry, and viticulture.

Can be used left or right handed, for cutting any kind of wood.

It was the LÖWE 1 that made the Original LÖWE brand and the anvil principle (a drawing cut against a fixed base plate) world famous.

All Original LÖWE pruners are designed, produced and assembled in Germany to the highest standards with a unique hardening process giving the blades an unrivaled hardness and the latest CNC grinding machines, ensuring an outstanding sharp cutting edge. They are 100% “Made in Germany” throughout and this goes for all Original LÖWE pruners and not just the LÖWE 1.102. Spare parts available for all LÖWE pruners.


LÖWE 1.102 Anniversary edition anvil pruning shears

Length: 21cm
Weight: 270g
Cutting Capacity: 25mm (1")
PRICE: £34.52 (Quality Garden Tools)

Old technology still works and works best as it is simple and reliable with no frills, and most importantly, repairable. And the LÖWE 1.102 definitely falls into that category.

The packaging, for purpose of nostalgia, so to speak, has taken a step back in history too and proves that just a simple printed cardboard box could still work today and it would reduce our packaging waste.

1264151_630282137005622_1434359286_o_smlThe only concession to the modern world is the plastic back in which the shears are packed prior to wrapped in brown Kraft paper. In days gone by it would have just been the Kraft paper, often greased, before going into the cardboard box.

This proves, to me at least, that there would and should be no need for the hard plastic “bubble pack” that we see (almost) everywhere today.

What worked then would still work today but it would appear that the packaging industry is trying to tell us differently. The cardboard box and the Kraft paper both are biodegradable and will compost, even in a homer composting set up, in less than a year without trace. Alternatively it can both be be easily recycled.

Where this is only one special product of LÖWE where this old style packaging is being used it would be good, for the sake of the environment, if we could see a widespread return to this kind of more simple and sustainable packaging.

The LÖWE 1.102 Anniversary anvil pruning shears (secateurs) are a timeless 90-year-old design made with modern materials and methods and will last for generations, especially if cared for, as any good tool and product should be. The same goes, as to durability, for the other tools of Original LÖWE also. I know, I reviewed one of their modern design flagship pruners last year.

The LÖWE 1.102 anvil pruners performed extremely well in tests and accurately and precisely cut anything from Rosemary sprigs to 25mm (1inch) thick Elm branches, both green and dry. They are capable, of that I am sure, to cut to a greater thickness even but that would mean applying more pressure which might not be good for the user's hands. The blades of all LÖWE's pruners are sharp and strong and will stand up to the rigors of professional daily use.

As far as I am concerned Original LÖWE's pruning shears are superior to others on the market, even more expensive ones though mentioning no names.

As professional user I regard anvil secateurs/pruning shears to outperform bypass ones each and every time and day and I got used to them – under the Rolcut name – already as a child working in forestry nurseries. The cut onto the anvil, generally made of brass in the older days and now of aluminum, both being softer metals that the cutting blade, makes for a very precise cut where no twisting is being used, as often happens with bypass pruners, leading to a misalignment of blades.

Another great LÖWE product and if I could rate it the way I would like to it would definitely receive a 6 out of 5. But that does not really compute now does it.

My thanks to Original LÖWE in Kiel, Germany, and Dominic of Quality Garden Tools for allowing me to review this great tool and for supplying the sample.

If you are looking for pruning shears that your grandchildren will still be able and happy to use look not further than Original LÖWE. For all your garden tool needs, including LÖWE products, in the UK, contact Quality Garden Tools.

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The GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW received no payment for this article with the exception of the sample of the product free of change. Nevertheless, because their products are second to none, we are happy to endorse both Original LÖWE and Quality Garden Tools.