Glass jars for cloches

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Got a lot of glass jars but don't know what to do with them?

If you buy a lot of stuff that comes in glass jars – and quite a lot of stuff that I buy does – and you grow food in your garden then use the jars, if big enough, as small cloches. After all cloches in the old days were nothing by glass bells put over the plants.

Smaller jars can be used to bring on seedlings on the windowsills for instance in small plug pots.

There is no need to waste this valuable resource by sending it to the recycling center – unless they pay you good money for it – and then make cloches from plastic sheeting and some kind of frame or even buy small cloches to go over individual plants.

In addition to glass jars for cloches, as long as you are not expecting too much of high winds, plastic soda bottles, with their bottoms cut off, and also plastic milk jugs, regardless of them being opaque, can be used as covers for plants to protects them from frost and keep them warmer.

Waste not want not! Still as valid today as when I was a child.

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